Magic in the Making

Magic in the Making

In the hands of an artist the ordinary is made extraordinary. Raw materials are transformed, given new life. With skill, possibility becomes reality and something beautiful is born.

This magical metamorphosis is something Thomas D. Wilson knew well. A jeweler and metalsmith, Wilson turned heavy gauge copper into gleaming silver cups.

Since 1978, the artist created the distinctive cups that bear his name as well as other original hand crafted products: letter openers, book marks, key chains, lapel pins, and a stunning array of jewelry.

In making these commemorative cups, traditional techniques are used in conjunction with a unique technology, developed by the artist himself. After the cup is formed on a spinning mandril, a sculptured casting is applied to the cup in the time honored lost wax technique. Next the cup is heavily plated with the finest silver. The finished cup is thoroughly polished before it will carry the Wilson name.

Quality craftsmanship, classic styling, enduring excellence are characteristics that define the signature of Thomas D. Wilson. A beautiful gift from Wilson Art Works will hold your cherished memories forever. Perfect for the corporate or personal gift, ideal for holidays, anniversaries or weddings, personalize with one of the many designs created over the years.

For special orders, a casting of your company logo, engraving of monograms and dates available.

Wilson Silver Cup (10oz) – $250
Wilson Silver Tippler Cup (7oz) – $225
Wilson Silver Jigger Cup (2oz) – $150

All our silver products require the same care as any other silver products. The gold and silver markets are in constant flux, so call for current pricing on jewelry and all other products.

Our New Copper Cups


Wilson Copper Cup (10oz) – $195
Wilson Copper Tippler Cup (7oz) – $180
Wilson Copper Jigger Cup (2oz) – $115


5 thoughts on “Magic in the Making”

  1. Dave Loeffler said:

    Is is possible to have Julep Cups, monogramed? Will ring you tomorrow. I also have shipping questions. Thanks RDL

  2. Louie Fryer said:

    Where can I find a catalog of your jumps cups. I am especially interested in the cup featured in April/May 2014 Garden & Gun.

    • I apologize for not responding sooner to your email. To answer your questions, we currently have no catalogue. Thomas Wilson died in late 2009 and I am in the process of restructuring the business we built together. The pricing is on the web site and, of course, we would be like an order from you. The Cups are collectors’ items – all hand signed and dated upon purchase. I hope that I have whetted your curiosity and interest. Feel free to call for further questions.
      Sally Wilson Wilson Art Works 502.592.7633

  3. Matt Clark said:

    Hi Sally,
    This is Matt Clark it was nice running into you on the trail today. Give me a call if this msg. finds you. 502 295-0699
    Thx Matt

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